And so it continues…


To finish off the rest of Day 1

I must admit, I was quite taken aback by how much I struggled to finish the first day of the GM Cleanse. Shortly after finishing my first post, I began to truly feel the physical effects (besides hunger) of only filling my belly with fruit, miracle soup, one cup of black coffee, and water.

First, it was the filling of fatigue. I had no idea one could feel so tired after only a few short hours of not maintaing their original eating habits. My usual breakfast turned from eggs and two large cups of hazelnut flavored coffee to two small oranges and one cup of plain coffee, my lunchtime turkey sandwich to cantaloupe and miracle soup (which is mostly cabbage and onions), and my dinner, some form of meat, veggie, and (delicious) carb (i.e. pasta, rice, bread) to HALF a watermelon and miracle soup. Besides never feeling full or satisfied, I had begun to feel sluggish.

My day continued to grow more stressful when my headache started…and continues too. Not long after the fatigue, my headache reared it’s ugly head and began knocking it’s away around my brain. At first, I figured the headache was a random passerby that occasionally comes for a visit, but when I noticed it wasn’t going away after a few hours, I made the correlation. Unfortunately, I’ve been stuck with this pounding since yesterday, however, I am finally beginning to feel relief. FINALLY!

Now onto Day 2…

Day 2

Waking up yesterday morning was a little harder than I’m used to. The night had left me tossing and turning, despite my fatigue from the day, and my headache was letting me know it was still alive and well. Besides my mind being awake, my body still felt tired, like I was beginning to catch a cold. However, I pulled myself together and made my way to the weight scale just outside my bedroom door…I nearly feel over when the scale read 122lbs. To tell you the truth, I’m still a little shocked that I had actually shed FIVE pounds in a day. Its clear through this example, the first thing you seriously lose is water weight, otherwise, I’d be a little worried. So, with the new found information of my very evident weight loss, I had a little extra pep in my step. I figured, since I was really seeing results, the diet would be a breeze from there on out…boy, was I wrong.

On the morning of the second day, you are supposed to start your day off with one large baked potato (holy crap, it tasted like heaven) and a TABLESPOON, I repeat, TABLESPOON of butter. I never once cherished every bite of a potato in my life; it was rather mind-blowing. Since potatoes are full of starch (and my stomach had shrunken from the day before), I was able to feel “full” for the rest of my morning. It wasn’t until about 1 or 2pm that I began to feel hungry again, however, even though I was craving something sweet I was only allowed to indulge in veggies. And as spoiled as this sounds, if I’m in the mood for something sweet, and my only options are salty…its really hard for me to eat the salty option. So, I waited for as long as humanly possible before my hunger got the best of me and I gave. Lunch consisted of one large cucumber and carrot, as well as, my one cup of coffee.

Overall, I ended my day with more carrots, more miracle soup (which I am now going to start calling, slop), and asparagus. It was actually another hard day to get through, even though I saw the results of my efforts on the scale that morning. Being told what it eat isn’t as fun as I thought it would be.

Until tomorrow, when I talk (or possibly rant) about Day 3.

**Side Note: I had no idea how truly blessed I was that I’m able to pick-and-choose what I’m able to eat based on my hunger or mood. There are so many people, around the world, that eat what they have because they have only it, not because it’s what they feel like eating. I’m thankful for this experience.**

It all started with an idea…


With our bellies still stuffed from Thanksgiving the day before, my roommate Chandler and I lay sprawled out on my bedroom floor. Patting our round bellies, we began going over the delicious dishes, casseroles, and (most importantly) meat, we had chowed down on the day before. Our conversation then lazily changed to the glory of Thanksgiving leftovers, and we began make jokes about how “fat” all that delicious food had made us and would continue too. As if on schedule, we then dived into the inevitable conversation about how strict we would have to be on our workouts and eating habits for the next few weeks, to try and work off all the fattening (yet yummy) food we sank into on that fateful day.

Before Universities closed their doors and watched as students drove home for Thanksgiving break, Chandler and I had really fallen into step with trying to live a healthier lifestyle. She was Wonder Woman at eating the right foods and following along to every workout DVD, and I excelled at going for daily jogs and portion control. Don’t get me wrong, we both had our kryptonite’s [frozen pizza: me; french-fries: Channy], but for the most part, we were fairly responsible twenty somethings.

So, as we sat on my floor, admiring our once healthy lifestyle, an idea (the size of a jelly bean) popped into my head; we should partake in a cleanse! And not just any cleanse, but a seven day, radical health improvement cleanse. Now a few years ago, I was told about a seven day, lose 10-17 pounds, healthy-as-all-get-out, cleanse. It came with a day-by-day instruction manual and a miracle fat burning soup. You bought everything yourself at the grocery store and prepared the soup right in your home, it was simple, fast, and you not only felt the results, but saw them…I was sold! However, even though I was completely sold on the cleanse, I had neither the time nor means to truly go about the program the right way, so I was never able to perform it…until now…

Finding the cleanse was incredibly simple (thanks, Google) and within minutes was reading the directions to Channy. Upon finishing the synopsis, Chandler was also sold and already wanted to take a trip to the grocery store for the food needed. We decided to start Monday, December 2nd (today), and make the week of the 2nd-8th our week of health improvement bootcamp.

Along with the miracle fat burning soup (which you can eat at ANY time throughout the week), you must adhere to a day-by-day “food code”, if you will. I will be sure to post the link at the bottom of this post; I’ll go over the basics of what the cleanse consists of, I encourage anyone to take a look at the webpage itself.

Day 1- Your only chowing down on fruits
Day 2- Veggies are your only friend.
Day 3- Combine Day 1 and 2, a little variety!
Day 4- Bananas and Skim Milk, yep…just those two things.
Day 5- Beef and Tomatoes (I’m SO looking forward to this day).
Day 6- Beef and Veggies (another day I’m looking forward too).
Day 7- Brown Rice, Unsweetened Fruit Juice, and LOTS of Veggies.
*Your miracle soup can be eaten any day and in any amount (the more you consume, the more you lose).
*Everyday you MUST consume AT MINIMUM eight glasses of water (Channy and I are shooting for ten).
*Also, for all of you coffee lovers out there, you’re allowed one cup in the morning-black. No cream, no sugar.

On a whim, I decided to start a blog documenting each day and how it is going. I’ll post my starting, ending, and day-by-day weight. We are planning on weighing each other every morning and keeping track of how much weight we actually lose. Our refrigerator is cover in inspirational quotes and even a picture of Ryan Gosling telling us to keep up the good work, haha. Now, all thats left for me to do on here is to actually document Day 1.

Day 1
I’ll be starting this cleanse at 127lbs (not bad for 5’6). It’s only 2:05pm and I am already craving my daily favorites. I miss my morning eggs, cream diluted coffee, and lunchtime turkey sandwiches. In their place I have have four oranges (two of them were consumed as I wrote this post actually) and handful of cantaloupe and honeydew. Honestly, I don’t know how people can survive on just fruit and veggies, I’M FREAKIN’ HUNGRY. My black coffee rations have been used up already and I’m now working on finishing my fourth glass of water.  I’m sure the night will continue to grow my cravings (especially around dinner time), but I will complete this cleanse! I will do it for myself and I will do it for America! Yeah, I’m dramatic.